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The foundation for support and development of the construction field in Israel


Since the establishment of Israel the importance of the construction filed was well known given that this field is a major cause in the Israeli market as a growth engine. The construction field has passed quite a few changes since the establishment of Israel when the main changes in the last years where the decline in the Israeli labor while there was a steady growth and expansion of the field. As part of the effort to develop and promote this field the foundation for support and development of the construction field in Israel (below-the foundation) was established on 1990 by the Israeli association of contractors and constructors and the construction and wood employees' organization to promote and develop the construction field in Israel.

The foundation is operating under communal general work agreement in the construction field that was signed on the 21 of January, 2010 and under expansion order that was given by the ministry of industry and commerce that enforced the instructions of the agreement on all the employers in the construction field.




·         Main goal - strengthening the image of the construction filed as a leading field in the Israeli economy as being part of economic activity and as being the main cause that can lead the Israeli market to economic growth.

·         Guidance and expansion of the professional knowledge - the foundation is operating many kinds of courses, training and advanced studies in many areas such as the construction, infrastructures, public constructions, heavy mechanical equipment and renovations. The courses include advanced contents that are being developed steadily to adjust them to high technological level. The studies are efficient for the work and for the professional development both for the employees and the employers.

·         Support in finding  job in the construction market - the foundation knows the importance of the human resource therefore  it is operating wide projects that contain collaboration with governmental institutions and leading companies in the construction and in the infrastructure area for the absorption of new employees in these fields.

·         Welfare activities - there is a steady activity for improvement in the salary conditions of the constructors with the different institutions, ceremonies, recreational activities days and labor managers club.

·         Improvement of the construction field -  the foundation encourage desire for achievement and Excellency  in the construction field by seminars, conferences, steady development of the contents of the professional course, learning new work patterns in Israel and from the world and developing international relations with colleagues in the field.

·         Improvements of safety in the field - the foundation is promoting and developing steadily the attention to safety environment by the professional content that is published by the foundation, and in the professional courses.